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Dear valued customers,

It has recently come to the attention of Tomei Group that there are certain individual(s) and / or company(ies) who/which have set up websites, in particular http://ru.bestttmall.com/buy1/1476/ non Tomei authorized website “) on which these websites have represented that Tomei are selling its products at extremely low prices. We, Tomei Group hereby confirm that the said website and/or websites of a similar nature do not belong to and/or are not affiliated to and/or initiated by and/or created upon the instruction of Tomei Group but was created and operated by the other individual(s) or company(ies) solely on their own initiative, possibly with the intention of misleading and/or taking advantage of the public by selling counterfeit Tomei products. As such, we would like to caution customers from falling into the trap by purchasing Tomei`s products on suchnon Tomei authorized website(s). In any event, Tomei Group shall not be held responsible for any losses, costs and damages arising from the transactions of non Tomei authorized website(s). We would like to take this opportunity to re-assure the public that Tomei has always and will continue to prioritize quality in their products which reflects fair prices for all their customers.

In addition to the above, Tomei Grouphereby announce that we do not authorize any third party to post or to sell our products online, save and except for the following websites:-

  1.  www.etomei.com
  2.  www.lelumiere.com
  3. www.facebook.com/myTOMEI
  4.  www.facebook.com/LeLumiere.Malaysia
  5.  www.lazada.com.my/tomei
  6.  shopee.com.my/mytomei
  7.  www.11street.my/store/tomei
  8.  www.tomei.com.my
  9.  www.instagram.com/myTOMEI
  10.  www.twitter.com/myTOMEI
  11.  www.mydiamond.com.my
  12.  www.facebook.com/mydiamond.com.my
  13.  www.goldheart.com.my
  14. www.facebook.com/GoldheartMalaysia
  15.  www.lazada.com.my/goldheart

Kindly keep the abovementioned information for future reference and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further inquiries.

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