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24K Pure Gold Jewellery by Prima Gold

Prima Gold, an international pioneer in 24K pure gold jewellery, is one of Thailand’s leading jewellery brands. Its elegant offerings are truly one-of-a-kind distinct statement of both affluence and elegance, faithfully transformed through the inspirational design motifs to reveal the absolute value of pure gold with 99.9% purity.

The exotic design motifs of Prima Gold are crafted using a unique yet time-consuming process called in-laid silk line technique. This unique technique requires painstaking and meticulous handling. Only the expert goldsmiths who had undertaken decades of apprenticeships are recruited to translate the designer’s imaginative drawings into profoundly thoughtful, tangible and conscious pieces to achieve the beyond ordinary gold ornaments of great finesse.

Prima Gold always sets the bar high and develops new innovative designs for gold jewellery through passion, inspiration and creativity, especially with its signature silk line technique on detailed patterns crafted on the purest gold content to reveal its exceptional beauty. Its astonishing artistry remarkably enhances the miraculous elements of timeless value overwhelmed by the purity of gold in its most precious way.

Every woman deserves her brightest charm to shine and unveil her hidden beauty, an empowerment charm that allows her to “Glow with the Gold”. Her real happiness can only be fulfilled when being able to wisely choose the admirable gold pieces that truly present her sense of confidence and pride.

With utmost honour and gratitude, TOMEI is proud to be the sole distributor of Prima Gold in Malaysia. Dozens of the most sought-after Prima Gold masterpieces can be found in prominent TOMEI showrooms across the country.

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